The Art of Choosing by Sheena Iyengar

The Art of Choosing is yet another contribution to the busy field of how we make decisions (along with Predictably Irrational, the Freakonomics series, Sway, and others). This one is nicely infused with the author’s personal experience, whether it’s her near-blindness or her interest for Asian-Americans. she is, famously, the author of the study that showed that too many choices confused the consumer and resulted in lower sales, and there is a picture of the (local) Draeger’s experiment that defined the claim. Her emphasis is on how we like to make decisions that make us comfortable, whether to please our parents (for young Asian-American children), to be within the norm of our group of friends, or rather just on the edge of originality, or adhere to the culturally acceptable grieving mechanisms. A very enjoyable book.

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