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Slow Love by Dominique Browning

In Slow Love the author gets fired (strictly speaking, laid off, but the distinction doesn’t remove the sting) and finds herself  at a loss to reconstruct a new life that does not revolve around her all-absorbing job, her now-grown sons, or her absolutely ill-chosen ex-lover.

Along the way she hoards business supplies, pigs out, sells her house, takes up the piano again, and by the end is back as a successful, if reinvented professional. I particularly liked her descriptions of her relationships with her sons (who are very clear-headed about her dismal romantic entanglements and their own relationships with her), her doctor (who measures mental health via the state of her patients’ underwear — not a bad way to do it, in my mind), and her father who clearly loved her and spoiled her behind her mother’s back.

An encouraging view at how we can rebound from setbacks.

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