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Getting Organized in the Google Era by Douglas Merrill

I confess, I love organization books. I picked up that one because I thought I should get clued in to how young people conquer the world. And now I’m confused.

I’m confused because the book moves from the strategic (the school year is not adapted to the modern world) to the most minute detail (how to use Boolean operators for Google search) without much logic to it. There’s also a lot of personal details that don’t add much to the story, including the very tragic illness and death of the author’s first wife. Very sad, but perhaps not the right place to share it. And some of the book sounds like an unabashed commercial. Yes, I do own a Kindle already, thank you very much (read the appendix, though: the reviews there are much more nuanced and in some cases scathing!)

One thing I learned is that the paperless office is not attainable even for Google’s ex-Chief Information Officer, who still insists on paper for his financial statements. I can now feel smug in the knowledge that I have moved to all-digital before he did. And that’s the real reason to read organization books: feeling superior to the hoi polloi.

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