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Short by John Schwarz

A few days ago, I had the bittersweet pleasure of attending a junior high school graduation, where I saw 350 14-year olds march across the stage to receive their diplomas. Tall girls. Big girls, much more ample than I am. Skinny, tiny little things on three-inch heels. Girls in unaccustomed dresses, complete with soccer tans (oops, that one was mine, along with her teammates!) And the boys, some tall enough and grown enough to need shaving, others, well, I hope they will grow in high school.

When I read Short, I thought of the short boys again. Written by a man who is 5’3″, it neatly debunks the myths that short people can’t get hired, make less money than others, and can’t find a girl. It deconstructs the stereotypes and shows that what really matters is what we make of our height. Embrace it and we’ll be happy and successful (and get the girl!) Fun to read, and I would think a great gift for those boys who have not yet hit their growth spurt.

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