The Slippery Year by Melanie Gideon

The Slippery Year is the memoir of a mom transplanted from the East Coast to the Oakland Hills and still amusingly baffled by the quaint customs of Californians who live in houses without basements, eat flowers, and give medals for all children’s achievements, no matter how insignificant.

She also must be the first one in line to pick up her son at school (to make up for all the other times in her lives when she cannot be first — I get that) and is not afraid to relate her adventures with a New Age therapist who burned bundles of sage around her while speaking about her animal totems…  for years! She feels old, she frets (tremendously) for her son, who seems totally fine and capable to me, and who has fallen in love with a phrase I remember from mine around that age, “no offense, but…”, and she wonders how  her husband’s midlife crisis can bring a camper-van rather than a sports car.

Sweet and funny.

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