What I Thought I Knew by Alice Cohen

What I Thought I Knew is the tough memoir of a woman who finds out she is pregnant while undergoing her CAT scan (her doctor having somehow missed her five-month pregnancy!) and proceeds to first seek to abort the baby she is told has a birth defect, then decides to change her mind — and the diagnostic on the baby evolves. Many physicians appear in the story, some competent and some not, and some possessing appalling bedside manners.

However, the drama with the mother and child is only a part of the story. The larger drama is that of the health system in the US. Although the mother had health insurance, she  did not have a very good, which created all kinds of complications on top of the already-tortured medical facts. And perhaps we could think of a better system than one in which parents may sue a doctor who misses a five-month pregnancy, but only if the baby has a birth defect. Sad.

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