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Follow Me by Joanna Scott

Follow Me follows a teenage single mother who abandons her newborn baby on her parents’ kitchen table for a new life, as told by her granddaughter. The trouble is that the main character is simply not very interesting; she lives a banal life despite being always on the run, and she seems unable to develop truly satisfying relationships. At the same time, her ability to  make friends and to be warmly welcome as a newcomer in small towns seems rather suspect considering that the early fifties were not particularly kind to single mothers — and she did have a second child out of wedlock, one she did not abandon.

After a couple hundred pages of pabulum, the reader is filled with hope when the author reveals another story possibility in the form of the story of the granddaughter’s father,  a middle-school science teacher whose desertion was mysteriously and mistakenly caused by the grandmother. Alas, hopes are dashed as the narrative turns into a stream of consciousness rambling that’s as  boring and irrelevant as you can imagine a geek’s memoir can be. (I apologize to all the well-loved geeks in my life. You guys are fascinating compared to that guy, trust me.)

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