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** Brave Girl Eating by Harriet Brown

Brave Girl Eating is the story of Brown tells the story of an anorexic teenager and her worried family through their successful therapy using a family-based approach developed in the UK. I found the relentless pushing of this particular technique annoying at times (why not admit that perhaps, just perhaps, others could work too?) but the relationships between the parents and daughter and the sister and the patient are finely described. It’s also appalling to see how the US healthcare insurance system fails to support commonsense approaches to curing eating disorders.

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The Havana Room by Colin Harrison

The corpse count in The Havana Room is high and the manners of death often exotic but it’s basically the story of a fallen lawyer and his unfulfilled longing for his estranged son — finding plenty of company in the unfulfilled longing department from the other characters. I read it because I liked Risk so much, and I did not like it as much. It’s a little too long, with perhaps too many details and detours, but still a good story with many twists.

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