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How I Became a Famous Novelist by Steve Hely

How I Became a Famous Novelist starts brilliantly,  with a naked attempt to gain fame (to impress an ex-girlfriend) by writing a successful novel. So the her, whose day job is to write college admission essays for barely articulate foreigners (a very entertaining part of the story), decides to create a book by the numbers, as it were, becoming more of a marketeer than a writer. It’s very funny at first, including the fake best-sellers lists and the skewering of “a year of being weird” books I’ve wondered about myself (No Impact Man, The Year of Living Biblically).

But the satire runs less and less funny and more drawn out and by the time the marketeer-author shows up at his ex-girlfriend’s wedding we know and hope that he will embarrass himself. (He does not disappoint.)

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