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American on Purpose by Craig Ferguson

American on Purpose is the memoir of the host of the Late, Late Show, which I have to admit I have never watched (no time for TV: how else do you think I read all these books?) Craig Ferguson has had a storied life including very humble beginnings as a musician and stand-up comic in his native Scotland and in England, and a spectacular career as an alcoholic and a drug-addict, which seems to have been cured once and for all in an English rehab clinic, the address of which should be shared with all in need. He talks kindly about everyone, ex-wives included, and seems to make fun mostly of himself, from when he was the designated holder of the dart board while his brother played to the night he spent sleeping in the parking lot of a sleazy casino when he learned he would host the Late, Late Show. And no prior knowledge of the man is required to enjoy his memoir: I was able to follow all his adventures without having ever heard of him or most of the other famous people he talks about.

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