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Crazy Love by Leslie Morgan Steiner

Crazy Love is the disturbing story of a woman who marries an abusive husband (spoiler and good news: she does escape him in the end) and who tells her story frankly and straightforwardly. Yes, he choked her the day before they moved in together — but she still moved in with him, not daring to ask her dad for a loan to rent another place, although a year later she dares to ask him for one, to buy a car. Whatever her dad’s weaknesses may be (and there are many) surely he would have sent a check to get her out of her predicament. And she goes on, marrying the guy after additional choking episodes, not to mention a forced move out of her beloved New York City which also meant the loss of her job. She only leaves him after much more violence and a Chicago police officer’s blunt statement that her husband won’t stop until he kills her. I wanted to hug that man.

It still very hard for me to fathom how a smart, resourceful, childless woman could require so much time to see the light, but it’s useful to get into the mind of someone who desperately believes that her partner will change.

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