Cold by Bill Streever

I thought Cold, which promises “Adventures in the World’s Frozen Places”, would be a great book to read in early Fall, while it’s still comfortably warm here. And it was, indeed, refreshing in a way, but also loaded with corpses of adventurers, school children, soldiers, divers (bring me to Maui instead!)  and animals of various kinds who all perished in blizzards, avalanches,  and other temperature-related accidents. How macabre. The ones that are not dead are victims of frostbite, described in excruciating and gory details. Yikes!

There are some funny moments, like the author’s caterpillars, which he freezes (but does not kill, thankfully) while he’s off travelling. And a non-political story from Wasilla, AK (of a young man who almost, but did not die of exposure.

OVerall, brrr.

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