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Zero at the Bone by John Heidenry

Zero at the Bone tells the story of a botched kidnapping by two alcoholic low-lives who, it seems, drank so much after they got the ransom that they fumbled into swift discovery and a very swift trip to the gas chamber. The kidnapping itself is grisly, as the hapless boy is swiftly killed, and then the botching begins: sending the ransom letter to the wrong address (really!); giving such confusing directions to the family that the ransom is left in the wrong place; throwing the money around in such a way as to arouse suspicion; and of course the unbelievable drinking and carousing that accompanies every other step they take. To spice things up there’s also a case of police corruption that swallows half of the ransom, never to be found again.

Someone has been hard at work reading trial transcripts. It does not make for a very good book.

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