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My Sister, My Love by Joyce Carol Oates

My Sister, My Love tells the story of a little girl who is mysteriously murdered in the house of her wealthy parents. And she’s a budding ice skater, always clad in exaggerated girlish outfits complete with makeup and “done” hair, which made me very suspicious that I was entering a tabloid world, which it’s a Joyce Carol Oates world: finely detailed, rich in multiple points of view, and never completely explicated.

So the story is really about philandering fathers, mothers that try too hard to fit in with the richer set, children who are both overcontrolled and curiously abandoned to their feelings of despair and loneliness, and the assorted helpers that rich people collect: nannies, coaches, psychologists, some who provide the very warmth that is lacking in the families and others that just feed on the money.

A very well told story of rich suburbs, not exactly uplifting but not too depressing either.

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