The Scar of David by Susan Abulhawa

In the last post I complained about books that are only good for a while — but, sadly, there are books that are bad all the way through. The Scar of David tells a meticulously arranged story of a Palestinian family that loses its home near Haifa when Israel is first established and seems to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time in the subsequent wars. While no historical event is missed no cliche is spared either. Here are two samples from page 23, about a mother-in-lay welcoming her Bedouin daughter in law: “She instructed her in the secretes to regain the body’s firmness and tricks to keep the interest of her husband after childbirth” and “Se was giddy, excited to have a female heir to her empire of enchanted herbs.” Yikes.

I’m not sure why I read to the very end. Save yourself the trouble: all the bad stuff you think may happen does, indeed.

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