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Cracking Cases by Henry Lee

Cracking Cases recalls five murder cases (including the OJ Simpson trial) that the author helped solve, or disprove, using forensic evidence. Alas, like Teasing Secrets from the Dead and How Not to Die, recently reviewed on this blog, Cracking Cases heavily underscores the heavy burden of forensics experts (missing Christmas dinner, missing Thanksgiving, in such demand that he has to turn down most requests for help) and regularly lapses into a thinly rewritten exhaustive description of every note from the file, one blood stain at a time…

I feel for the poor ghost writer who, I imagine, fought to produce  more readable prose. And it’s too bad because the cases are truly interesting, delving into very old cases, cases where the murderer is a police officer, hence better able to cover his tracks, and cases where the body is missing altogether, or gives conflicting clues.

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