Rancid Pansies by James Hamilton-Paterson

A perfect package of funny (hilarious, even), goofy, and smart. Don’t be put off by the title (for which you will get an explanation in the book). Don’t be put off by the unlikely meeting of a one-armed woman sailing champion; a landslide in Italy; collective food poisoning brought on by a mouse vol-au-vent (yes, a mouse); and an opera about Lady Di. Rancid Pansies‘s humor is always underdone despite the outrageous happenings. Did I mention the visit to the Vatican to petition to beatify Lady Di? I liked this book so much I’m going to search for the previous one in the series, pre-landslide.

The only not perfect part of the novel is the use of long emails from the (opera-writing) hero’s scientist-boyfriend to his colleague and student. I can’t see anyone writing those long dissertations in emails, but it’s a small nit. Enjoy!


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