Farewell my Subaru by Doug Fine

Farewell, My Subaru is a mostly lighthearted description of the author’s efforts to lead a green life in a hot and dry (but occasionally flooded) ranch in New Mexico. There’s minimal preaching about the virtues of being green (thankfully and unlike other unbearably self-righteous”green” books such as  Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.) The absurdity of some of the changes, such as ditching the Subaru of the title for a monster truck (converted to run on biodiesel, mind you) is occasionally noted but not always… If you’re looking for a more self-deprecating tone on a similar topic of life-changing adventures read The Year of Living Biblically. But this author has a good sense of humor and a hefty dose of self-deprecation that makes the book fun to read — if you don’t think about the issues too deeply.

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