On the Wealth of Nations by P.J. O’Rourke

What’s your opinion of Cliff Notes? If you loathe them, this book will show you what really good summaries and analyses can do. If you admire them, as I do, for squeezing mountains of pages into slim, easy to digest booklets, meet the super-duper version.

The author of On The Wealth of Nations deftly summarizes, analyzes and quotes from The Wealth of Nations (by Adam Smith) in a virtuoso performance that enlightens the ignorants who have not slogged through the vernerable tome (myself included) and adds his opinions throughout, always being careful to distinguish them from the original. I found the book to be a wonderful introduction to the venerable classic, although I’m not promising to read it!

And I loved this comment abotu outsourcing (clearly under the opinion heading): “My job is to make quips, jests, and waggish comments. Somewhere in Mumbai there is a younger, funnier person who is willing to work for less. My job could be outsourced to him.”  Or her. But s/he would have to be very smart and funny indeed.

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