A Family Daugher by Maile Meloy

Why would I pick up the sequel of a book I did not like (Liars and Saints)? Simply because I had borrowed both books at once and felt dutiful to finish all the books in the basket. I suppose that the book is not completely terrible if I did manage to finish it.

I liked A Family Daughter even less than Liars and Saints. Reinforcing the soap opera quality of the first one, it introduces the reader into the novel published by the back-to-life niece (the one who had slept with her supposed uncle who is really her cousin and had died after giving birth – OMG!) and that novel, which we initially think was autobiographical, is really a novel so basically the first book is a fantasy — a la the entire previous season was a dream.

This season, I mean novel, creates more fantastic licit and illicit liaisons, keeping the uncle/niece one that was unbelievable in the first book and is still unbelievable here, and adding other, wilder oddities including a crazy woman living in Argentina who manages to be both the uncle’s potential mother-in-law and the adoptive mother of the son of the lover of the French cousin who had helped the pregnant teenager in the first book (really.) By the time the climax comes with a bizarre Christmas celebration that brings together all those maladjusted people, it’s no wonder that the grandfather finds it too stressful to keep on living.

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