Beautiful Boy by David Scheff

Beautiful Boy describes every parent’s nightmare: the addicted kid (to meth, of all possible horrible choices!) The author is a journalist and tries to tell the story from an impartial, outside perspective – but his anguish pokes through the surface. He seems very convinced that his divorce from the boy’s mother created all the problems, although his second wife seems to have a wonderful relationship with his son. It seems to me that the divorce was much less important than other unwise decisions, like smoking a joint with his son for instance. But the story is not about blame: it’s about the pain of seeing a child just slip away, again and again.


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3 responses to “Beautiful Boy by David Scheff

  1. Patti Ahern

    I just completed the book, “Beautiful Boy”, and cried my eyes out through every page. I have been living the entire story – my daughter, who is now 26, is a heroin addict and has been in and out of numerous rehabs centers. She is now back in Atlanta at Narconon of Georgia due to a relapse. She is a beautiful, smart, courageous young woman who continues to struggle with this disease. I, too, am addicted to this disease, with her, as he was with his son. Today, August 30, 2008, I woke up with that “pang” of pain, once again, and struggle as he did with the cell phone calls. I pray for her to get well and, in as much as I know, she is the only one who can do it, I continue to feel the need to “make it better” as I have always done for both of my children. I have been a single parent since 1983. I would enjoy the opportunity to converse with Mr. Scheff as his story has hit my heart harder than I thought possible.
    Please know this book is one I could not put down – I bought my daughter the book by his son and I am in great hopes Nic has continue on his path of sobriety.

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