Intern by Sandeep Jauhar

Intern is a dark description of medical internships by the author, who interestingly completed a Ph.D. in Physics before embarking on that career. It’s a brutal tale of stupendously long hours, enormous responsibilities put upon very green interns, errors due to poor communications and attrocious record-keeping systems, and decisions occasionally made for egotistic rather than scientific reasons.

Do not read this book before checking into a teaching hospital: it makes you wonder how anyone gets out alive… Do read before embarking into medical school: heavy sleepers beware! Interestingly the author does not comment on the wonderful mood lift between the first and second year of internship: it’s amazing what more sleep and more knowledge can do to an individual.

It does make me wonder about the wisdom of reforming physicians’ education (and the book takes place after the restrictions on work hours were put in place!)

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